Tenters: We now offer primitive, field & stream camping across the street from our main campground.  There are no facilities there, and no utilities, but use of our facilities is available.   The base rate is $35.00 minimum, for up to 4 people and $10.00  per person for every additional person.

Some choose to tent alongside the RV campers, close to modern & clean bathroom facilities.  An RV site is $60.00 per night for up to 4 people.

 Group tenters:   $13.00 per person, per night in front field.  Minimum of 10 in a group.

 RV Campers :       All of our RV sites offer 3 way hookup with 50 amp. electric service. We have converters for rent for $5.00 for the length of your stay that will power down to 30 amp or 120 amp.

$60.00 per night. This rate is for an occupancy of 5, no matter the age. $10.00 extra for each additional person.

Weekly:  $350.00 (non-holiday) for one week.   Multiple non-holiday weeks: $325.00 per  Holiday weeks: $375.00  Class A add $50.00 per week for added electric usage.

Monthly:  $1200.00 plus metered electric usage

$180.00  three night holiday weekend (includes free enjoyment of entertainment events )

Holiday weekends: min. 3 night stay required:   Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Columbus Day 


Deposits on site rentals are 50% of total rental fee, due within 7 days of  reservation being booked.   Balance due at least 1 week before arrival.

mail deposits to: TIPPICANOE   P.O. BOX 7  GOSHEN, NH 03752

 cancellation notice given at least 30 days or more before arrival= deposit in full will be refunded

cancellation notice given 21 to 29 days before arrival = 3/4 of deposit will be refunded

cancellation notice given 15 to 21 days before arrival= 1/2 of deposit will be refunded

cancellation notice given 8 to 14 days before arrival= 1/4 of deposit will be refunded

no refund of deposits will be made if cancellation notice is received 7 days or less before arrival

 SEASONAL CAMPING: Rates vary, depending on location and size of site.   ALL OF THESE RATES INCLUDE  WINTER STORAGE  ON your SITE.  Our least expensive sites are $2200.00, and are roomy enough for a 40′ camper, a deck, picnic table & firepit area, and outside furniture.  We also have very spacious sunny sites with two car parking at $2600.00 as well as wooded and partially wood ed sites.   99% of our sites will accommodate a 40′ trailer.  Waterfront sites are priced from $4000.00, with  exceptional sites available for $4500.00 and $5000.00  (these sites are  spacious, private and have incredible panoramic views) Beach front sites are $4000.00.

Call or email for reservations or additional information.

(603) 863-8061
info@Tippicanoe.com or Tippicanoe@mindspring.com

We invite you to join us at our Tobacco Free Campground!

Tippicanoe Campground • 1295 Brook Road, Goshen, NH 03752 • 603-863-8061

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