Our Philosophy

                     Work. Work. Work.  Isn’t it time you get a little s’more out of life?

The most gratifying aspect of being a seasonal campground owner is watching our very diverse group of campers enjoy true leisure time together, most especially the multi-generational families we are fortunate to have at Tippicanoe.  Observing grandparents swim or fish or make s’mores with their adult children and grandchildren is a beautiful thing.

All of us live very busy lives, and we often bring home the stresses of our jobs or businesses.  Then, at home, we’re reminded of everything we have to do THERE as well….the chore list is never ending, … and so “relaxing at home”  becomes an oxy-moron.   The end result is that families and even couples without children spend so much time ’taking care of business’ that  they end up like ships passing in the night, and enjoying leisure time together becomes a rare luxury.   At Tippicanoe, the focus is on unstructured  fun and relaxation. Time spent rushing from one obligation to another  is now spent around a crackling campfire or on a sunny beach.   Each season, friendships are renewed, new memories are created and bonds within families are refreshed after a busy school year.

As a society, we spend a tremendous amount of money on ‘junk’, things we’ll likely be throwing out in years to come. ” Family fun” is often defined by those things….television, video games, atvs, etc., and although those are all enjoyable activities, by their very nature they prevent true and meaningful conversation and connection between people.  Camping, on the other hand, is an investment in time devoted to the quieter, simpler joys of life, and whether we camp alone, with friends or a huge extended family, that kind of investment will reap benefits for many years to come.  We’ve seen it year after year as we’ve watched friends reunite and families re-group.  In fact, one observation we’ve made over the last dozen years is that the children who have grown up camping with their families are notably different than most.  They are typically respectful,   well-rounded, and have learned how to get along with and appreciate all kinds of people.  They’ve learned  that all fun doesn’t have to be plugged in or booted up. They enjoy spending time with their parents and siblings, lending credence to the old axiom that  families who play together stay together.

At Tippicanoe, we pride ourselves on being a totally tobacco-free campground.  That decision has cost us lost revenue, as we have sadly turned away business, but we are committed to promoting a healthy and clean environment, and setting a healthy example to our young campers.   In addition, social and economic status are meaningless here, as we enjoy one another for who we are, not what we have or what we do. Remember, “There are no strangers in this world, only friends you haven’t met”.   As campground owners and managers, we work hard to cultivate that point of view, and hope you join us to experience a summer here.

Our pet policy is as follows, and has evolved from our 20 years of ownership experience. Only seasonal campers may bring their dog with them. Due to insurance constraints, we must comply with a breed restriction that excludes bully breeds. Contact campground for further information

And, although we are primarily a seasonal campground, we welcome short-term campers who choose to stay a weekend, a week, a month.   We’ll do our best to make your visit a pleasant one.

All the best life has to offer,

Deb and Bruce, owners and managers

We invite you to join us at our Tobacco Free Campground!

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