Calendar of Events

2018-TippiCanoe-calendar (PDF)

Tippicanoe’s 2018 Summer Schedule

All events scheduled for field will be moved to rec hall in bad weather.

*Please note our special activity days for kids, brought to you by Tiffany Bennett (Spruces 4) and Kim (Ladeau) Hirsch,

are detailed by dates on each page.  Please invite your grandkids so we have plenty of teammates!



Sunday June 17th 9:00 Father’s Day Breakfast/Potluck: Pancakes for Dad. Please bring a unique breakfast Dish to Share

Saturday, June 30th We are celebrating Independence Day with Fireworks at Dark and special activities for the Kids all day.


Games Galore Weekend for Kids and Kids at heart!


Friday, June 29th  Movie Night 8:00PM  Movie & Popcorn BYO Drinks & candy

Saturday, June 30th    Field Day

9:00   Ready Set Go (Relay Time) activities such as Seasonal Dress Relay, Wheel Barrel Races, Cheese curl Relay & Potato Sack

10:00 Run away activities such as Red Light Green Light, Mother May I, Red Rover & Tag

11:00 Just add water activities such as Ken Ducky Derby, Water Balloon Toss, Car Wash Relay

3:00 Let’s Dance…Chicken Dance, Wet feet (like Musical chairs without the Chairs), Limbo, & Hokey Pokey

4:00 Use your noodle…Pool Noodle Ring Toss, Memory/Tic Tac Toe, Sword Bubble pop, Noodle Obstacle course

5:00 Something Messy (Please sign up in the campground office by June 24th) Seed Spitting Contest, Cracker Whistle Relay, Bubble Gum Blowing Contest, Pie eating Contest

Kids activities may be subject to change, depending on weather & number of participants


July 2018

July 1st 8:00am Join us for a Kids Pancake Breakfast in the rec hall

Saturday July 14th Grown up Games in the rec hall….Pictionary, Left, Right Center, Poker

Saturday, July 28th 7:00pm Grown-ups Choice: Games in the rec hall


August 2018

Saturday, August 4th 7:00pm Grown-ups Choice: Games in the rec hall

Saturday August 11th: Event to be announced.

Saturday, August 18th 7:00pm Grown-ups Choice: Games in the rec hall


September 2018

Sunday September 2nd

10:00 Spider Slime

1:00pm- 5:00pm Open Field games like Tug a war, Parachute, Corn hole, Ladder ball, Badminton, Frisbee, Croque

6:00 PM Adult Trick or Treat See Margie Althouse (Chapel Rock #24) for Details

7:30 PM Band On Front Stage More details to Follow


October 2018

Saturday October 6th 5:00pm: Soup to Nuts Crocktoberfest, an annual favorite…Our last hurrah. Stir up a batch of your favorite soup, enough to share; mmm, mmm good!



Tippicanoe is seeking a couple, or a couple of friends, or mature & creative young adults to co-ordinate children’s activities on the long weekends and Christmas in July. Compensated position.

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We invite you to join us at our Tobacco Free Campground!

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